There's a Better Way to Send Money

Transfer funds without a money order.



JPay Money Transfer
Money Orders
  Fast Funds are received next day!*
  Affordable Low, competitive rates
  Reliable Receive a receipt confirming your transaction
  Convenient Online, phone, and in-person options
  Flexible Pay with your credit/debit card or cash
  Hassle-free No envelopes or stamps
  Slow U.S. mail can take days, plus longer for
facilities to process
  Costly to research If lost or stolen, it may cost you up to $30
to trace
  Unreliable No confirmation of receipt or delivery
  Subject to holds All non-postal money orders my be
subject to holds
  Big hassle May be returned if voucher is missing
or not completed to exact specifications
of facility




Using a credit or debit card


Call 800-574-5729 to send
using a debit or credit card

In Person

Visit any MoneyGram location to send using cash. Learn More


JPay helps you stay connected to your loved ones. Money orders are slow to mail and even slower to process, causing disappointment and worry when they’re delayed or lost. There’s a better way! Whether online, by phone, or in-person, with JPay your funds are received next day.

*Actual posting time to inmate's account varies and/or is determined by facility.
 Some facilities do not process on holidays or weekends.